Trip Information and Rates

Hello my name is Henry Fowler I am based out of Gaston county and would like to take you sight fishing for carp in NC. This is a sight fishing game. We will be patrolling the shallows searching for feeding fish. When we locate a fish we will make careful casts in front of it to elicit a strike. I must warn you these fish are difficult at times to get to eat. If you connect to a fish it is on. The average size of these fish is  5 to 10 pounds. Most of the places I fish are around 30 minutes to an hour from Charlotte. 

  • 1/2 day 4hrs 200 dollars 

  • Full day 8hrs 350 dollars 

  • I am very flexible with hours hit me up and we'll figure it out

  • Fly casting lessons 50 dollars for 2hrs  


I can only take one person at a time due to the size of my skiff.